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Thursday, October 9, 2008

So…I got into a mess. Some wise person once said, perfect men don’t exist, only ones with perfect intentions do. Sure, men can use this after each of their mess up, but one such man realized that someone else everyone knows about, but not necessarily believe in, uses a similar saying after each mess up. If you guessed it as God, you got it right. That can be said by hoping that he has a perfect intention of giving a good ending for everyone in the world, and that all the shit a person goes through during their life is a mess up.

Back to the intended topic, the mess up, it happens to be something huge. Do I deserve to be in this situation? Well, not really. The answer is no, until I convince myself to say yes, as if the answer is supposed to be yes and that I am cheating and trying to get the answer right after looking at the solution manual. So, who writes that solution manual? What culture has taught me is that its god who does that and he plays a game called karma.

Now connecting the thoughts that were put to words, we can deduce that god likes to play a game called karma, in which, he intends all good for everyone. In the middle of the game however, he puts in obstacles called maya and society to make things interesting. Interesting for whom you ask me, I guess may be for both since god always intends good for everyone. So, beautiful isn’t it!

Let’s analyze the game a bit more. So, how do you win this game? Not too sure if someone actually finished the game, but a lot of people sure do think they found the way out and so leave a lot of suggestions and advices for the lot to follow. Follow them where you ask me, no idea, wherever they disappeared I guess...

I have a lot more coming, but my train of thought however has been interrupted due to realism kicking in. Hence I’ll continue my rants with some philosophical twist at another time. Also, I initially wrote this under the title 'something that got me thinking', but found this to be more appropriate. I guess from now on I could write a few words about what my initial titles were whenever I make a post.


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